The Things That Happen at 4 AM…

Picture 010

If I happen to look at all awake in this picture it is because I am very excited that

[1] My Japan trip is on MONDAY!!!

[2] It is almost 5 AM as I type this so it means I get to go home in 2.5 hours. If you ever see my twitter, you will probably notice (or end up noticing) that I count down frequently.

I normally don’t mind working nights but it was SO HARD coming to work today knowing that yesterday everyone was sure I was going to get the night off… and I hadn’t slept at all today since it was beautiful out (and I weirdly had a lot of energy…) so I am, now, of course, exhausted. Not that it matters…. I still have to be awake and on top of things for these last 2.5 hours!

Working nights is weird. Even in a hospital, most units and departments tend to slow to a crawl as patients sleep, the exceptions of course being the Emergency Room and, where I work, the Intensive Care Unit. Some nights even we slow down a bit… you still have all the same hourly tasks but there isn’t as much of an urgency in the air. Tonight, not so much. 2 admissions later and I think my entire hallway is out of energy and running at half-speed…

So on my last break I went to a (usually) quiet hallway between the hospital and the medical school, stretched myself out under a borrowed blanket (they get washed after, no worries), stuck my iPod in my pocket and tried to nap… this was unsuccessful. I can’t sleep on nights. I did feel better having lain down for about 45 minutes but as soon as I got back my patient decided it was HER turn to make 3 different RNs run around… lots of fun.

Although as L, one of our MDs put it, at least the night goes by faster when you’re busy. I suppose for most nights I’d rather be busy than bored, but honestly at this point I’d rather be bored.

I’m really not sure where I was going with this. Just a random snippet into what my work-life is like sometimes I suppose.


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