In Transit…

So Kelsie and I survived our first flight to LAX, and we’re now past the second round of security and waiting another 2 hours for our flight… I suppose we could have spent more time outside but we both just wanted to sit and get it over with. Experience thus far: pretty decent, Air Canada flight was fine, the touch screens are interesting though it both took us a few minutes to figure out where to plug in our headphones… watched Marley and Me which made me a bit teary, but otherwise it’s been quite pleasant.


We also walked outside to get to our terminal, and holy crap was it hot. At least it felt a lot hotter than home, especially once we got off the air conditioned air craft.


Got a lot at Duty Free (much better selection than the one in Calgary) mostly Dior … 🙂 of course. 2 Eyeshadow quints, 4 lippies… Kelsie pretty much laughed at me but it’s a much better deal than getting it at home! Not to mention I got quints that aren’t available in Calgary, 673 Earth Tones (which I’ve spent ages looking for) and 859 Graphic Lights.  They had the Pearly Lilas quint which looked Gorgeous but it was out of stock :(. The SA at the Duty Free was fairly sure they’d have it on our way home… crossing my fingers!


Also: ate McDonald’s for lunch which… blech. The fries were pure grease and while the chicken nuggets were OK, they were also much MUCH greasier than at home…


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On the other hand our SAL flight to Tokyo was pretty amazing. Cramped, but amazing. Hot face towels before lunch and a ‘light meal’ (which was also huge), pillows and blankets, and free liquor!\


Will post more and pictures tomorrow, time to collapse now!

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