Too much to post about, not enough time to sleep…

Man I think I am like 2 days behind now (in posts AND pictures). The last 2 days have been fantastic, so maybe I will just do posts on each thing I want to talk about, but we have done SO much in the last 2 days… I think we are both running really tired but it is so worth it. And at least we are sleeping REALLY well at night, LOL.

Day 3 was our second day on our own, and while Kelsie and I had initially planned to do Marunochi to see the Imperial Palace and then Yokohama, our plans ended up changing when I tried to ‘reserve’ a tour time for the Imperial Palace… since it’s closed a lot in May for various holidays and all the ones we COULD make were full. Up early enough, so we decided to do Harajuku and Yokohama, but that eventually changed to Harajuku, Nishi-Ogikubo for an afternoon, and Shibuya as it was raining (always).

Thus the day turned into a Johnny’s-filled day. Obviously our plan was to (hopefully) FIND the Johnny’s store even if we didn’t get in because we were leaving late, take a peek at how much the tickets for the con were costing, and do a little bit of shopping. Also, to find the giant KAT-TUN billboard in Shibuya and take a gratuitous amount of pictures with it.

So how did Harajuku go…?


Awesomely! We had crepes for breakfast (which were huge, super sweet, and mine ACTUALLY HAD A SLICE OF CAKE IN IT) and then wandered around until we found Gokuradoh, and the shop owner there was nice enough to draw us a map directly to the store. About a 10 minute walk/hike later (Harajuku seems like it’s all hills) we saw the shop and a couple of employees in navy blue hoodies with the Johnny’s logo standing outside. I am pretty sure Kelsie and I started for a minute before the employees were like ‘Dozo…’ and waved us in. The shop was SO HOT inside but we ended up spending like 30 minutes in there anyway getting shop photos. No guesses as to who mine mostly are :P. The system was amazingly efficient *_*. Once we were done writing down all the quantities of the different sheets, I think it took the girl ringing me up a total of 7 minutes to enter the numbers, find the photos, count them up, and hand them to me. Totally ideal. Plus, the ‘embarassing yellow bag’ was small enough to fit into my purse 🙂

We spent another couple of hours in Harajuku just shopping, bought some paparazzi photos from Gokuradoh (which was equally hot, less efficient, but had a really cute [male!] shop assistant there to help us) before we headed back to Nishi-Ogikubo for lunch… as Kelsie and I were not about to haul all of the stuff we bought for another 6-8 hours before being able to put it down.

And then… Shibuya. I did eventually want to go clothes shopping (this still has not happened) but we were both very excited as one of Kelsie’s friends had gone the day before and had LOTS of pictures of the billboards (and random things, which you will see shortly).


Saw the KAT-TUN poster, and I think it made our day. And it suddenly hit that we were GOING TO SEE THEM LIVE. We took about a million pictures of the poster from different angles as we are both losers, but it was worth it. We then started our search for an HMV to buy the album, as they are having a 20% off sale if you buy two (which we would be). We didn’t find the album but what we did find….


Shige and Yamapi’s disco suits from the Koi no ABO PV. You can see Kelsie standing next to Yamapi’s suit, which holy cow, was a LOT shorter than we were expecting. This led to a search for the other 4 costumes as we were both wondering how tall (short) Ryo was if YAMAPI was only as tall as Kelsie…


Really short apparently. For reference, I am 155 cm (5’1”) and even taking into account the raised platform the costumes were on, Kelsie and I were pretty sure that Ryo’s suit’s shoulders were maybe JUST above mine.

So now, obviously, we are excited to guess at how tall KAT-TUN is in person, since NEWS is apparently more petite than we thought. 😀


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