Posted in August 2009

the search for the perfect green…

I’m not sure why, honestly, but lately I’ve been into green eye shadow. It started probably a few weeks ago when I decided to myself that if/when I got my makeup done by someone else (just for fun, or at beauty events) I would try colours I didn’t normally wear. I own a lot of … Continue reading

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Kat laughed at me the other day when I vehemently denied liking lipstick. I don’t mind it, but I tend not to buy it… I am more in love with glosses and lipstains. Plus I hate having to ‘touch up’ so I rarely remember to bring a lippie along when I DO wear one. In … Continue reading


Today was such a beautiful Saturday, and it is a great weekend to not be at work!! My mom’s old unit had a farewell brunch for her this morning which I went to out of obligation (my mom didn’t want to go alone, and my dad was not about to go) and my own self-interest … Continue reading