Today was such a beautiful Saturday, and it is a great weekend to not be at work!! My mom’s old unit had a farewell brunch for her this morning which I went to out of obligation (my mom didn’t want to go alone, and my dad was not about to go) and my own self-interest (two of my really good friends work there still)! The food was kind of eh (better brunches are on Sunday, apparently) but it was fun to see everyone again 🙂

And then because Kelsey (my nursing one, not the one that went to Japan with me, who, for future reference will be Tokyo-Kelsie) is WAY too nice we ended up chilling out at Market Mall for like 3 hours because she promised a co-worker she’d buy her a LUSH massage bar… but call said co-worker at work to see which scent she’d want. Unfortunately, co-worker did not start until 1515h… and we got to the mall at like noon. I am totally a shop-a-holic but I am at Market Mall ALL THE TIME because it is the closest one to my house, and so is Kelsey because she lives near me, and we’d both just been there a few days ago, so we didn’t have as much stuff to look at…

Luckily the Bay was holding an I ♥ NARS event, which was fun! They had salsa dancers performing, a live DJ, and 2 NARS Makeup artists doing free makeovers at the front of the store. We weren’t going to get our makeup done but we’d already rounded the mall several times and they offered… because I was hovering near the beautiful table full of NARS products *__*

I’ve been into greens lately (trying them out, if not buying) so I asked if we could use the Rated R duo and I LOVE how it turned out. I think my MA was super pleased because she kept telling other people to look at my eyes because she loved how they looked!



And you can see a bit of my necklace from Old Cow. I LOVE IT and can’t wait for my Beaux necklaces to get here!


By the way all I have left to post about from my Japan trip is Yokohama and all the KAT-TUN concerts, and those are forthcoming…


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