Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Kat laughed at me the other day when I vehemently denied liking lipstick. I don’t mind it, but I tend not to buy it… I am more in love with glosses and lipstains. Plus I hate having to ‘touch up’ so I rarely remember to bring a lippie along when I DO wear one. In any case, the last six months has basically been my descent into being even girlier than I already was, LOL. Mostly in that I am starting to buy and wear jewellery. Mostly necklaces, since my ears still seem to hate all things not-gold by being loving and giving me ear infections. 😛

I’ve bought all my recent necklaces online, and while I whine to Yumeko that blogs are bad for my wallet (they are) I’ve met lovely girls and snagged some lovely pieces while on them. And it will only continue!! I got my lovely necklaces from Worship at the House of Blues just before I went to go watch the Lion King which was fantastic timing 😀


I love how she giftwraps everything! And Canada Post didn’t dent the box this time. 😛


My two Beaux necklaces and my Little Bit of Black necklace… I am using the box as a temporary jewellery box as I do not have one. XD; I went YEARS only wearing 2 different pairs of earrings.


❤ I’m so happy I bought both Beaux necklaces, the gold and silver goes with all 3 pairs of earrings I own!! Thank you again to Old Cow, these are lovely!

I know I still have to post about Yokohama but I am waiting on some pictures from Japan before I post… my camera died halfway through the day so I am missing some things. 🙂


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