the search for the perfect green…

I’m not sure why, honestly, but lately I’ve been into green eye shadow. It started probably a few weeks ago when I decided to myself that if/when I got my makeup done by someone else (just for fun, or at beauty events) I would try colours I didn’t normally wear. I own a lot of pinks, a few purples, and a few blues, but no greens. So my first try was with MUFE at Sephora, and then at the NARS counter at the Bay… and this time (shocker) on my own.

I confess, the only reason I did a green eye on my own was because the palette was 5$ and I figured even if I loathed the palette or couldn’t figure out how to use it… 5$ is a lot better than paying upwards of 15$ for a single eye shadow, yes?


I think it turned out okay! My camera washed out the colours, which tends to happen as I only play with makeup late at night (usually when trying to switch myself over to or from night shift) and the flash washes it out… but otherwise I look yellow. D:

It is a lovely green in real life though :D.

Also I am apparently still awful with liquid liner that is NOT pen style. Any recommendations for pen-style liner that comes in colours that are not black or brown? And that aren’t super expensive? I saw Geisha Ink at a store yesterday but it was 30$!! Too expensive.

Any suggestions for greens? I am looking for vibrant emerald greens… just bought MAC’s One-Off from Love that Look and I have a nice chartreuse in NARS Rated R… I just don’t want anything that looks more khaki/brown than green.


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