Bright, Indestructible

First, a brief history of my quest with eyeshadow bases: when the Bay first started carrying Too Faced, an SA was nice enough to give me a ‘deluxe’ sample of the Shadow insurance, which I eagerly tried as I had noticed that when I just applied my makeup for work, about 9 hours into my shift it was either gone, or really gross looking. Unfortunately, TFSI didn’t really help this at all, and in fact, made me feel greasy. So that was a no-go.

Next I tried Urban Decay’s primer potion. This was a lot BETTER than TFSI was on me, but at the same time… hour 9 I’d see fading, and a bit of creasing. Not as much as with no primer at all, and less than compared to TFSI, but still …. creasing. I began to think that maybe my version of ‘last all day’ was not everyone else’s. I mean most people (or bloggers I’ve met) seem to work office jobs, with 8 hour days on average. I needed/expected my makeup to last through 12 hour night shifts, last through running around, and hauling my patient up and down. So maybe I was being a bit hard on these primers.

I tried MAC paint pots on their own, and same results – exactly – as with UDPP. As I now had full sizes of a couple of paint pots AND UDPP, I decided to try combining them… and this was the solution! My makeup lasts ALL shift now, and I’ve actually fallen asleep (oops) with it on and woken up with it looking fine. So 🙂

Where does that lead me? Well…

I recently bought the above palette after reading several glowing reviews from Pursebuzz about how awesome these shadows were. It helped that she was offering a 20% coupon. Yaby is a Canadian cosmetics company formulated by Liz Yu, with colours and palettes made for camera and film work. As I’d talked about earlier, I’d begun an somewhat unhealthy interest in wearing bright greens, and after seeing swatches, I decided this palette had to be mine…

The initial cost after the discount was about 105$ CAD. I initially balked (that seemed like a lot to spend on a small amount of shadow… I learned my lesson) but after discussing it with Kelsie, I decided to go ahead and order the World of Pearl Paints palette, especially since she pointed out that REALLY it was less than the cost of 2 Dior quints (and I have a lot of those) and for 40 colours, that was pretty good!

I am SO GLAD I let myself get talked into this palette.

The Pearl Paints are super-creamy eyeshadows in pan form, and they are BRIGHT! And even though each pan is slightly smaller than a dime, I have only ever needed one or two pats with a brush to cover my lid. Plus, you can buy refills for about 3$ USD directly from Yaby or Camera Ready Cosmetics and the pans come pre-magnetized. They also sell ‘free-form’ palettes that are magnetized if you’re the kind of person who depots and needs space. I only ever buy palettes… I think I have a grand total of like 6 individual shades.

Webcam examples of my FOTDs since I bought this palette (it’s all I’ve been using)

I love this palette!! I’d talk about buying more but it was pretty much fulfilled all of my wishes for bright, candy-coloured colours. And these looks are pretty much indestructible! I actually fell asleep with the first one (for a solid 3 hour nap) and woke up with it exactly the same (I actually went out for dinner with it, no touch-ups needed!) and got compliments on the eye makeup 😀

I’ve heard amazing things about their blushes, but since all of their pre-set palettes are a large amount to spend up front, I’m saving money and waiting until I see the blushes I have coming to me in person before I splurge again…

I highly encourage anyone who reads this to go take a look. The customer service was good, they shipped relatively fast, and the products are fantastic. Yaby is ♥.


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