And the day goes by…

I had a wonderful day! Except that it was –20C when I woke up, which is SO NOT COOL and it is way too early in the month to be so cold! I’m glad I unpacked my winter jackets from storage yesterday! Not a lot of snow yet but I’m sure it’s coming… and then all the leaves will get wet and rot which will smell awful.

ANYWAY. Today was mostly focused on food; went for lunch with my mom and (nursing)Kelsey, then did a bit of shopping; and then out for dinner with the family this evening. Dinner was fantastic. In fact, I think I am still digesting, so I’m all sleepy, so this will mostly be food!porn. We went for steak :D. I’m not a HUGE meat-eater, but I love getting steak in restaurants, haha.

The Flames lost their first game of the season 😦 but we are 4-1 which is a pretty good record, AND it was the second consecutive day of games, so I think they were tired. But what an awesome start! Only 77 more games to go before playoffs 🙂

Me and my parents 🙂 The restaurant was actually really dark, but my camera flash is blinding, so that’s why we’re squinting.
My dinner, Sirloin Oscar Medium… so yummy!
Complimentary birthday cake for me… this piece was GIGANTIC I shared it with both my sisters
Blowing out the candles… yep, I’m 23
I hope everyone else had a fantastic Friday! I’m off to bed as I’m going car-shopping with my parents tomorrow (for them) and then meeting up with Kelsie to do more shopping 🙂

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