Living In A Winter Wonderland…

So while I have grown up in Calgary, and I love it here, I am still surprised at how early it snows EVERY YEAR. Kelsie and I joked to Tomo in Japan that on average, it usually snows at least once a month in Canada. Luckily we missed out on the August/September snow (we just had hail… which is flying chunks of ice).

I was not prepared for this two days in a row:

Seriously Calgary. I actually did go out the first day which was terrifying as none of the streets had been plowed yet, and as we got about double the amount of snow today, I vetoed myself out of leaving my house, other than to shovel the driveway. Because winter driving is scary whether I’m on the road or not. I think the news said there was at least 200 collisions yesterday morning due to the slipperiness.

It’s supposed to Chinook on Friday though, so just watch, all this snow will melt and it will be super slushy. Ah well.

At least it’s pretty.


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