Shiny Pretty Things

Very very VERY belated post about … well make-up. First a mail-swap, and then my somewhat-belated haul from Shoppers Drug Mart (in which I paid 66$ for… well you’ll see).

This blog probably wouldn’t exist without Yumeko. After I came back from Tokyo, she poked and prodded me about posting not just on LJ, but also on Blogger so she could comment. I thought it would work out well, as many of my LJ friends were not into makeup, and many of the lovely girls I’d met on various makeup blogs were all on Blogger. In any case, I still stalk Yumeko (frequently) and we would often moan together about brands that weren’t available in our respective countries, so we decided to do a swap.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mail makes me nervous so after my first successful swap on MUA, I decided I was only swapping with people I talked to.

This girl sent me WAY TOO MUCH STUFF:

And she told ME I sent too much stuff. I am in the midst of planning my return package… I love everything she sent but I think my favourite is the jewellery case that she found for me after I whined that I couldn’t find one nice enough to hold all my necklaces. I will do a post (if I remember) showing you all of my pretties. 🙂
Second, I’ve been thinking about redeeming my SDM points for WEEKS now, but I was determined to spend them on Dior so had to wait until my SDM got the new holiday stuff in. Thankfully the MA/SAs there know me a little too well so they called me as soon as the collection came in and I went in to pick up my items.
I “purchased”: 089 Iridescent Quint in Smoky Crystal, Serum de Rouge in 840 Crimson and 640 Baby Pink, Benefit’s JustINe Case, Harajuku Lovers in LOVE
I say “purchased” because I redeemed 75,000 of my SDM points for 150$ in merchandise, so I only paid the difference, which was 66$. Not bad!

Also, because this weekend they were running a beauty promo, I got the gift for spending more than 125$, even though it was mostly points redemption!
SDM rarely does gifts with beauty purchases, but this one was pretty nice!
In other non-related news, it was snowing really hard this morning but now it is warm and super sunny so all the snow has melted. And I got the flu shot on Thursday but I think I am getting sick anyway, so I’m now taking Dayquil/Nyquil. Send me healthy thoughts, loves!

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