Caught in a Bad Romance

The times you are most likely to find me cleaning are in the nights leading up to my night shifts; I need to ‘switch’ myself over so that I sleep all day and am not a zombie at work the following night, so I usually try various methods to keep myself awake until 5 or 6 AM (at which point I flop in bed, cover my windows, and hope to sleep until 2 or 3PM). Usually, this involves a lot of internet surfing. Unfortunately, the last time I had to switch over my router decided to be moody and wouldn’t work, and I was not in the mood to call TELUS Help-desk at 3AM, so instead of surfing the internet, I ended up reorganizing my make-up drawer.

Do you ever get those moments where you get overwhelmed by the amount of something? A year ago this happened to me with Johnny’s Entertainment stuff a LOT and lately it happens with makeup. Usually when I reorganize my collection, oddly enough. πŸ˜› When I first got into makeup I had a little tiny train case that everything fit into, then I expanded to a larger black traincase from my sisters around my birthday last year… and then after I came back from Japan and my parents had bought a new desk for me my makeup expanded to a mostly-full drawer and a shelf. And now? Two full drawers, although as I was twittering a few days ago, the one drawer has a lot of lotion and stuff in it since it was half empty.

So what does my current ‘stash’ look like?

The first (top) drawer is what I think of my ‘use often’ drawer: all of the Dior palettes, MAC paint pots, some Benefit cream shadows, and blushes (Dior, Shu Uemura, Paul & Joe, MAC, NARS, Jill Stuart, Gransenbon), makeup brush cleaner, makeup wipes, and my tinted moisturizer. The star-printed Tsumori Chisato bag holds all of my ‘high-end’ lippies that see a lot of use (or that I WANT to see a lot of use, haha) like Chanel, Dior, Givenchy πŸ™‚
I actually forgot to stick my ‘work makeup’ bag in here, which is the makeup bag I got from the KAT-TUN concerts during my trip to Japan last May. It usually sits on top of everything with my work stuff in it, for a quick 5-10 minute face so I am not scrambling for anything πŸ™‚ Holds essentials like my neutral palette, a hiligher, UDPP, MAC paint pots in Painterly and Soft Ochre, brow gel, mascara, and black and brown liner.
And in the second drawer I recently expanded to (my poor scrapbooking stuff got moved to a plastic set)
More eyeshadow! These are palettes I use less often, mostly MAC, NARS, and Kat Von D (or they are palettes that did not arrange nicely with the palettes in the top drawer). Most of the stuff in the second section is newer makeup I haven’t tried yet, so once I open them I suppose I’ll need to find a place to stick all the items. I got the JS makeup bag with the 5th Anniversary mook that YesAsia stocked for all of one day (I ordered it, and the next day… it was gone) and it’s such an awesome size! Underneath the red pouch are gel eyeliners, in the black pouch are the rest of my lippies, and the bright pink case holds all of my eyeliner pencils. Underneath THAT is a bunch of lotion that I need to use (this is easier said than done).
Oh and the corner is all back-ups of my HG eyeliner, the K-Palette 24hr Liner in Jet Black. Imomoko had the special packaging, so I stocked up! I can always use more though, so I tend to add one to all of my online orders. Ha.
The inside of the JS case. This is pretty much all the eyeshadow I bought in Japan, and while the palettes stack nicely, they are all different shapes and do not stack well with all my ‘Western’ palettes. I moved them into the drawer to make sure I tried to use them; previously they were on my shelf πŸ™‚
Hope you enjoyed the tour of my collection. Someday, when I am more ambitious, I’ll try taking pictures of everything ‘open’ so you can see what kind of colours I have.

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