You and Me, We’re Meant to Be

So I have been stuck at home because I pulled my back at work and according to my doctor and physiotherapist, the best thing to do is rest – and be patient. Which would be fine, except the last 2 weeks it has also been SNOWING like mad, so I end up stuck in my house as the roads are too bad to try driving on. I think they said on Friday that there were over 200 accidents reported :S.

In any case, in between resting and physio, I am either on my laptop (the first week laying in my bed as sitting hurt, now at my desk) or playing my DS. I am SO happy I got a DS for my birthday or I think I’d be even more stir-crazy. Anyway, with all this extra time on my hands the inevitable happened… I finally tried out G-Market.

All the blogs I read are horrible influences. XD;

I didn’t even want to try going through the makeup section, so instead I thought I’d look for accessories. And after one of Yumeko’s posts, I knew I wanted headbands. I placed the order a couple of weeks ago, and it finally arrived!

I ordered from this shop: Glam Girl

They were fantastic! All of the headbands were individually wrapped in plastic, then in bubble wrap, and she even included a small gift! I don’t have any ‘modelling’ photos yet mostly because I haven’t made any effort to do my hair or makeup in days, but I promise I’m going to be social this weekend so you’ll definitely see a few!

Side views of the headbands:

Shipping via EMS is so fast *_* And no customs duties on this either πŸ™‚ Actually the weirdest part was that the headbands were in a little box, which was then in a box about 4x the size. I’m not sure why, and I should have taken the picture, but I already put the boxes in the recycling, haha.
I can’t wait to wear these… and to place another order. I think the biggest problem I had was trying to match the Korean names in the picture to the names in the menu. πŸ™‚

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