Loves at the End of a Decade

Even though I spent most of the month of December at home, I still think my 2009 ended on a high note, as I got to celebrate Christmas with my family, and more importantly, I went back to work! The first two days were harder than I thought they would be (mostly my body was not used to running around for 12 hours so my whole body – not my back – was really sore) but it was awesome to just drop back into the flow of things, even if everyone thought I’d gone on vacation (and then was SUPER nice when they found out I’d hurt my back).
This last year has overall been fantastic πŸ™‚ It was the first year after my dad’s recovery from open-heart surgery, my first year as a practicing registered nurse, the first time I’d flown outside North America without my family, and the first year I had my car! It was also the second full year I’d been into make-up πŸ™‚ There are so many hilights this year, more than I can mention, but I can only thank everyone in my life and who I’ve met for making the year amazing <3.
I can however, give you my December hauls…

I didn’t do a lot of shopping during December for myself makeup-wise as it was Christmas, plus I wasn’t supposed to be doing a tonne of walking with my poor back. I did go Boxing Day shopping which is a big event in Canada to the extent of buying my iPhone (see above) and FINALLY using the iPhone case I made my sisters buy for me… before I’d even bought the phone. I also made my way to Sephora later that weekend  as they had e-mailed about a ‘Boxing Day’ sale… and Sephora sales NEVER apply to Canada so I was pretty intrigued.
Did I haul? Yes. I had a 50$ gift card for the mall and while I intended to buy a sweater with it, the lack of sweaters in colours/sizes applicable to me resulted in my spending it on makeup. I picked up some of the clearance NARS shadow and a Benefit creaseless cream shadow (I’m not sure if the colours are actually discontinued or if it’s just that Sephora is no longer carrying them, but 12$ CAD/NARS single seemed really good!)
Clockwise from top left: Night Sun, Grenadines, Silent Night, Baby Girl
Mona was actually nice enough to pick up Silent Night for me when I asked her for Illamasqua’s SIN blush (I will do a post on this too, Yumeko, I promise) but the other three I got in store! The Night Sun shadow is actually cracked in half :S but it was final sale with no exchange and … well it works the same way cracked or not. I just tapped out the excess and went on with using it. Grenadines is actually a colour that Yumeko and I talked about when she was looking for an eye colour very similar to a vampy-lip. It’s more of a matte burgundy, than a true dark red you’d see on lips I think. And Baby Girl… it’s pink and sparkly. I’m weak. XD;
Used these today as I was a bit dubious about how Grenadines would look on my actual eye:

I know, I know, web-cam pics. But I am super bad at taking pics of myself otherwise! Haha. I really like this, it’s brighter in real life but not BRIGHT BRIGHT and I think I’d be a good pink look for work… if I wore anything other than scrubs.
Products used:
Face: Dior Hydraction Tinted Moisturizer in 3; Shu Uemura Glow-on Blush P Brown 76
Eyes: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Flatter Me + UDPP (base); NARS Baby Girl over lid, NARS Grenadines + NARS Night Sun in outer V (crease), K-Palette Jet Black liner, UD 24/7 Zero (waterline) Majo Majo Lash Frame Expander Mascara (I don’t think I like this, time to switch), GOSH Velvet Touch Liner in 009 Golden Globe (lower lash line)
Lips: Sally Hansen 12-hr Diamond Lip Treatment in Baguette
Whew, you girls who do regular FOTDs, I salute you. That is far too much typing… it took me less time to put the makeup on!
Anyway, I am really happy with my Boxing Day purchases. I also picked up a bunch of MAC stuff, but I haven’t started playing with it yet, so I’ll do a post when I get the chance to rock a really smokey eye πŸ˜‰ I’m back to work on Monday so it won’t be until after I’m off!
I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Years, and all my love for 2010. This is hopefully going to be an amazing year!

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