Got My Addictions

I seem to fixate on one type of product at a time in terms of purchasing… like for a long time I purchased only/mostly eyeshadows, and then there was a very brief period were I was really into foundations (I tried a lot but didn’t purchase much), most recently I was into blushes, and after a brief foray back into eyeshadow I graduated to lip products. Of course. I think I do this because I can justify purchases of products I have less of, while it’s much harder for me to justify eyeshadow purchases (which I have so much of I doubt I will ever finish ALL of them). Haha, mostly I look for reasons to go shopping πŸ˜‰

When I first got into makeup all I was interested in was eye-makeup as my skin was normally pretty good and I didn’t yet understand why blush worked so well, and frankly I thought lipsticks were absolutely disgusting. Which is probably a holdover by being kissed by too many “aunties” with gobs of awful smelling/waxy lipstick as a child. I slowly moved on to each successive category of makeup, and while I had accepted lip gloss, I still eschewed traditional lipsticks (though I liked the liquid ones, notably Chanel’s Rouge Laque Allures) for whatever reason.

I still can’t pinpoint what made me talk the plunge into buying ‘traditional’ lipsticks but 2 months later, these are my most recent purchases (except for MAC’s Viva Glam Cyndi, but I am too lazy to go back and take more pictures). I wear a lot of colour so at first I was searching for the perfect nude lippie, and then it turned into the perfect nude pink lippie, and now I am just drawn to pinks (of course). Faced with an array of shades I will 95% of the time reach for the medium pink lipsticks to swatch first. So which are the ones I’ve liked enough to purchase?

As anyone who knows me would tell you, I am a sucker for packaging. So while this lavender-tinted pink gave me pause, I adored the packaging MAC used for its Liberty of London collection, and this ended up in my final purchase πŸ™‚ It is quite lavender on me, so I’ve toned it own a bit with GOSH Angel, which is a lovely medium pink lip balm, but the lipstick itself is creamy enough to wear it without a gloss. I’m not quite ready to wear light purple lipstick on its own, but I am determined to make this shade work for me.

MAC’s Ever Hip is from the same Liberty of London collection and is my second peach lipstick (Yumeko was kind of enough to send me a Gransenbon peach lipstick a while back). I like this as a nude lipstick when I’m not in the mood for beige or pink. This isn’t incredibly pigmented compared to other brands but the colour shows up well on me, and it didn’t dry my lips out, which was nice.

I really like this as a nude, My Lips But Better shade. I am finding the NARS lipsticks a bit drying, so while I’m not wearing a gloss in this picture, I’d probably put one on top… or layer a balm underneath.

I got this as part of the NARS Love Thrill set, and unfortunately they didn’t have a tester for only this product when I purchased it, but I like the shade. A bit of a shinier, frostier, MLBB shade. This also needs a balm underneath to combat the drying effect.

I went to Sephora yesterday to get my free Tarina Tarantino bracelet, and out of the entire store this is the only product that really caught my eye. The lip sheens seem like more of a balm/lipstick hybrid to me for texture, but they feel nice on the lips.

I picked this up because it was 70% off and the colour looked pretty in the tube. A bit paler than I thought it would be, but a pretty milky pink. I’m not sure where else you would get these otherwise (I got this from a boutique at Cross Iron Mills near Calgary).

Forgive the swatch on my lips, they’re a bit rough from me rubbing so much lipstick on and off to do this post! This was suggested as a good beige/pink nude lip, and while I find the colour a bit pale, I still wear this on its own! I’ve also layered it with NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned, and it makes a nice hot fuschia  combination. The YSL Rouge Voluptes have an absolutely dreamy texture – I hardly notice I’m wearing lipstick at all!

This was my very first Rouge Volupte and the start of a dangerous relationship for my wallet. I love this shade, and wear it often. I think this is a permanent addition (hopefully) which is good because I refuse to buy backups until I’m actually done a product, but I can definitely see myself finishing this in the near future.

I went shopping with Miss_Eva a few days ago, and as we wandered between the Bay, Murale, and Holt Renfrew, I must have swatched this lipstick about 5 times… but I told her I was pretty sure I’d already bought it (and I had!). I love this medium pink, and I love that it’s my favourite number. πŸ˜€

I have other lipsticks, of course, but these are my most recent and in-rotation ones. I tend to use my newest products for a while, and then get distracted by newer, shiny, pretty things. This is probably a sign that I should shop my stash before buying more lipstick!

6 thoughts on “Got My Addictions

  1. i like the Tarina one on you the mostit looks good and somehow alluring.Wear it for K-san XD i am so bad i know.lippies eh? and what..u say PACKAGING!? well girl..i think i gotta send u a coffret dor lipstick next.

  2. @YumekoI'm bringing it with me because it's the lightest! I figure I only need like one or two colours since all I wear is pink anyhow and none of these are bright enough to clash with my eye makeup :PHaha it's probably good I wasn't into lippies yet in Japan or I have a feeling my makeup haul from the trip would have doubled… πŸ˜› Since everything packaging wise is pretty much pink and sparkly!

  3. LOL! good thing you didn't buy it again…and theres me swatching the same blush 3 times haha! i really like the pot rouges i may need more…it'll probably take me forever to finish tho cause its huge. I really like the caress pink on you!

  4. Haha, I know, right? It was the first thing I checked when we were home from Market Mall. I'm glad the pot rouge is nice!! So weird it looked kinda different all three times though. We definitely need to do it again~!

  5. pretty! btw, i'm lareinarumbera from a beautyful sentiment!loving the last two rouge voluptes. seriously leaning towards buying one (or two or three) of these!drop me a line at!

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