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Or: in which Justine is asked several times what the Japanese word for “hot” is.   I’ve been neglecting documenting my trip, and while I am fully aware of it, I’m still going to blame work. I am finally done paying back my trades, which is AMAZING, as working six 12-hour shifts in eight days … Continue reading

Real Time Interruptions

  There is SNOW on my roof (this is the view of the townhouses from my room) and it is JUNE.   At least we didn’t get a few INCHES like some of the city, but STILL.   JUNE.   SNOW. IN JUNE.

Best 3 Hours of My Life

KAT-TUN concert was AMAZING. Did not feel like 3 hours had gone by at all. Can’t even process what we just watched, but my brain is just like ♥ ♥ ♥ Memorable Highlights: Opening with RESCUE and ONE DROP = EPIC Kame free falling from the top of Tokyodome = heart stopping KAME IN A … Continue reading

Where does the time go? @_@

It’s already the 15th!! I’ve been uploading and posting pictures, but no blogging as despite coming home earlier (between 9-11ish as opposed to 10-1AMish…) I think Kelsie and I are still mostly tired and exhausted though this trip has been SO worth it. It’s been a busy last 5 days, at times frustrating. We had … Continue reading

On Being On Our Own…

So due to unforeseen scheduling and weather conflicts, Kelsie and I ended up being completely on our own the whole day, which meant that (more or less) we were responsible for figuring out what we wanted to do, and how to get there. I’m sure this probably sounds really easy, but as we spent our … Continue reading