Just Can’t Get Enough

When I become interested in something, I tend to go into OCD-collector’s mode and want everything associated to it that I can get my hands on. This has been a long standing personality trait: when I was in elementary school I had to have every single beanie baby EVER (I grew past that, thankfully), in … Continue reading

You and Me, We’re Meant to Be

So I have been stuck at home because I pulled my back at work and according to my doctor and physiotherapist, the best thing to do is rest – and be patient. Which would be fine, except the last 2 weeks it has also been SNOWING like mad, so I end up stuck in my … Continue reading

Caught in a Bad Romance

The times you are most likely to find me cleaning are in the nights leading up to my night shifts; I need to ‘switch’ myself over so that I sleep all day and am not a zombie at work the following night, so I usually try various methods to keep myself awake until 5 or … Continue reading

I have something that I love long-long…

I was randomly contemplating re-organizing my makeup again when I heard the doorbell ring today. I do order a LOT of stuff online, so this kind of event is not out of the ordinary, but the only place I have recently ordered from is Imomoko, and since that package did not have tracking, I didn’t … Continue reading

Shiny Pretty Things

Very very VERY belated post about … well make-up. First a mail-swap, and then my somewhat-belated haul from Shoppers Drug Mart (in which I paid 66$ for… well you’ll see). This blog probably wouldn’t exist without Yumeko. After I came back from Tokyo, she poked and prodded me about posting not just on LJ, but … Continue reading

Living In A Winter Wonderland…

So while I have grown up in Calgary, and I love it here, I am still surprised at how early it snows EVERY YEAR. Kelsie and I joked to Tomo in Japan that on average, it usually snows at least once a month in Canada. Luckily we missed out on the August/September snow (we just … Continue reading

My New Favourite Place…

The downtown core in Calgary has been undergoing renovations for the last year or so, trying to compete with the newer, bigger, expanded malls. I end up downtown a LOT as Kelsie takes the bus to get everywhere so it’s the easiest place for her to get to, but also because there are a lot … Continue reading

And the day goes by…

I had a wonderful day! Except that it was –20C when I woke up, which is SO NOT COOL and it is way too early in the month to be so cold! I’m glad I unpacked my winter jackets from storage yesterday! Not a lot of snow yet but I’m sure it’s coming… and then all … Continue reading

Bright, Indestructible

First, a brief history of my quest with eyeshadow bases: when the Bay first started carrying Too Faced, an SA was nice enough to give me a ‘deluxe’ sample of the Shadow insurance, which I eagerly tried as I had noticed that when I just applied my makeup for work, about 9 hours into my … Continue reading

Difficult Things to Say…

Lately when Kelsie and I compare days she talks about programming, and I, as always, talk about my days at work. HAHA neither are really similar but I appreciate that she lets me vent about my day even though she’s professed the desire to never work in medicine, at least a nurse… I feel less … Continue reading